Tips for Solo Travelers to Rwanda

Solo travelling is the best way to discover and experience Rwanda your way. Solo trips are more of road trip and adventurous in nature with you solely being the overall manager of your trip. With so much to offer, Rwanda-the Land of a Thousand Hill is a perfect choice for solo travelers. Take note of our tips for solo traveling to Rwanda and get the best of what this magical country has to offer.

Places to visit on solo trips in Rwanda

A solo trip in Rwanda takes you through its distinct tourist sites and for starters, a visit to one of the 4 pristine national parks in this landlocked country never leaves you in regrets.  Each national park has something unique to offer ranging from wildlife to safari activities. Rwanda’s magnificent national parks to explore on solo travel include;

Volcanoes National Park

The popular Volcanoes National Park of Rwanda is a perfect place to explore on solo travel in Rwanda. This park is set in Musanze Province, northwestern Rwanda about 2-3 hours’ drive from Kigali. Volcanoes National Park was established in 1925 and expands up to 160 square kilometers. It makes up part of the vast Virunga Conservation Area which also includes Mgahinga National Park and the Virunga National Park.

A solo trip to Volcanoes National Park offers you opportunity to explore its unique attractions including the rare mountain gorillas, golden monkeys, bird species, flora and the scenic Virunga Volcanoes.

The best way to explore Volcanoes National Park is by embarking on mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking, birding, nature walks/hiking, cultural encounter, volcano hiking and cultural encounter at Iby’Iwacu Cultural Village.

Nyungwe Forest National Park

Nyungwe National Park is a perfect destination to explore especially by primate enthusiasts. It is situated in southern Rwanda and popular for its biodiversity. This park consists of over 1000 distinct plant species, over 310 bird species, butterflies, mammal species including 13 primate species like chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys, Angolan colobus monkeys, Dent’s monkeys, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, grey cheeked mangabeys, black and white colobus monkeys.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is ideal for chimpanzee tracking, colobus tracking/primate walk, canopy walk, birding and others.

Akagera National Park

Solo trips in Rwanda are never complete without a visit to Akagera National Park which is set suitably in northeastern Rwanda. This is the only savanna national park in Rwanda where the big five game and several savanna wildlife species are confined. Akagera National Park harbors variety of wildlife species including the African lions, buffaloes, giraffes, zebras, over 550 bird species, leopards, antelopes (including roan antelopes, impalas, elands, kobs and others), hippos, crocodiles and many others.

On solo travel in Akagera National Park, you have a chance to take part in bird watching, day game drives, night game drives, sport fishing, walk in the line, nature walks, helicopter tours, boat cruise along Lake Ihema, cultural encounters and many others.

Gishwati Mukura National Park

Gishwati Mukura National Park is Rwanda’s new protected area that is worth exploring especially if you need to get the best of new and fresh experiences.  It is a home to variety of primates including chimpanzees, black and white colobus monkeys, L’Hoest monkeys, olive baboons as well as avifaunal species. Gishwati Mukura National Park comprises of the Gishwati Forest Reserve and Mukura Forest Reserve.

Kigali capital city

Kigali capital city is a vibrant capital city in East-Central Africa with a lot more to offer. The best way to explore Kigali while on solo trip is for you to embark on Kigali city tour. There are many valleys, flowering trees, art and craft centers, coffee shops and many historical sites.

Genocide sites

Rwanda like other states holds a unique history that is worth exploring and most significantly, the Rwandan genocide of 1994 was one of the most terrific events. Today, there are many genocide sites worth visiting for you to learn in depth about what took place during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. They include Kigali/Gisozi genocide memorial site, hotel Rwanda and others.

Safety tips

Solo trips in any destination come with worries but the interesting part of it is that Rwanda is an ideal safari destination for solo travelers to realize their dreams.

Most important, there are set safety rules that every traveler should observe at all times while on solo safari in Rwanda. For those looking to self drive in Rwanda, be aware of the speed limits and drunk driving.

For your safety observe these rules;

  • no driving when you are drunk,
  • no walking alone at night


Observe safe food and water guidelines-know where to eat from and always take hot food. There are many classic hotels and restaurants for you eat out and please avoid road food.


Vaccination is very key when planning trip to Rwanda. You need to vaccinate yourself against polio, hepatitis A and B, Diphtheria, tetanus as well as rabies and meningitis. Equally, you need some anti-malarial tablets but it is important that you seek advice from your doctor who will prescribe for you medicine.

The cost of things in Rwanda

Depending on what your travel interests are in Rwanda, each safari has its own rate. If you are interested in gorilla safaris, Rwanda gorilla permits cost $600 per person. Chimpanzee permits cost $150 per person in Kibale National Park.

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